Blonde woman facing a large wedding looking over her left shoulder. Her mother is behind her finishing buttoning the back of the brides lace dress.

Your Wedding Week Checklist

It’s Almost Here: Your Wedding Day!

Just one week to go! Here’s your wedding checklist cheat sheet.

Can you believe it? Your wedding day is right around the corner! The excitement must be bubbling up as all your hard work is about to pay off. But hey, with just a week left, let’s make sure you’re all set and not scrambling at the last minute.

I’ve put together a handy cheat sheet checklist to keep you on track. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing, but I’m hoping it helps you cover all the bases without any stress. After all, who needs that in the final stretch, right?

Couple standing side- by- side. holding hands in an apple orchard. Bride is wearing a low cut white dress with lace accents. She has a green and whire bouquet in her right hand and has a cathedral length veil. Groom is wearing a grey suit with a white tie and is standing with his left hand in his pocket
Savannah and Kyle’s Wedding at the Connemara House

Checklist For One Week Before Your Wedding:

  1. Give your venue your final guest count and finalize your seating chart.
  2. Confirm your morning schedule with your hairstylist and makeup artist.
  3. Haircut for the groom.
  4. Clean your engagement ring.
  5. Make sure your photographer has your shot list
  6. If you are writing your vows, practice them to calm your nerves.
  7. Check-in with your planner or coordinator to make sure they have everything they need from you.
  8. Meet with all your vendors to go over the timeline and any specifics that are important to you.
  9. Pay any balances that you owe so you can focus on other things for the rest of the week.
  10. Go on a date with your partner to de-stress.
  11. Start packing for your honeymoon!

Couple standing in front of a marble building with large pillars and windows. They are facing either while standing on a cobblestone walk way. Groom is kissing bride on her right cheek and the bride is smiling. They are holding hands. Bride is wearing an elegant white dress with a removable train. Groom is wearing a black tuxedo.
Cait and Luke’s December Wedding at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island

Checklist For 2-3 Days Before Your Wedding:

  • Organize the ceremony and reception decor.
      • Pro-tip: Set up each centerpiece how you want it and take a picture. Separate each table into its own box and include the picture in the box.
  • Make any last-minute changes to your seating chart (if necessary).
  • Go for your spray tan, mani, and pedi.
  • Pack an emergency kit with wedding day must-haves like spray-on deodorant, mints, feminine products, bobby pins, Advil or Tylenol, scissors, and a sewing kit (just in case)
      • Pro-tip: if you have a dress that has loops to be pulled over buttons don’t forget to pack a crochet hook!
  • If you are giving gifts make sure they are wrapped and ready to go!

Bride and groom kissing under a gazebo. The bridesmaids are to the right in mauve. The groom and groomsmen are wearing light grey suits. The officiant is standing to the right pronoucing them. You can see a woman in a lavendar colored low back dress and dark hair in a bun clapping to the left. Bride is wearing a sleevless dress with a veil. You can see arrangements with roses on each pillar of the gazebo and on the starts are pots of green bushes and daisies.
Victoria and Daryl’s August Wedding at the River Club.

Checklist For 1-2 Days Before Your Wedding:

  • Place final payments in envelopes for each wedding pro and give it to a trusted friend or your planner to hand out on the wedding day.
  • Have your rehearsal dinner.
  • Check-in with the bridal party to make sure they have everything they need for the wedding.
  • Pack your overnight bag for where you are staying the night before the wedding.

Couple walking on a stone path on a jetty toward a small island with a gazebo on top of a small hill. Bride and groom are holding hands. Bride has bouquet in her right hand and the groom is holding her left. There is water on either side of the jetty.
Rebecca and Scott’s July Wedding at the Squantum Association in Rhode Island.

Checklist For The Day Before Your Wedding:

  • Drop off the decor at the venue.
  • Make sure you have all your wedding documents in a safe place and nominate a trusted friend to bring them if your officiant hasn’t taken them from you.
  • Steam anything that has wrinkled.
  • Get a good night’s sleep!

Couple kissing in front of a lake with a fountain. Groom is wearing a black suit and is standing to the right facing the bride. The bride is wearing a white sleevless dress and holding a colorful bouquet. The groom has his right hand up on the left side of the brides face.
Tessa and Jake’s April Wedding at Owl’s Nest Resort in New Hampshire

Your Wedding Day:

  • Take a deep breath!
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Eat!
  • Have fun!
  • Enjoy your day!

Here are some of my favorite films to help you get excited! Are you having a family member officiate your wedding? Check out this post for some helpful tips!

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