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The importance of wedding films and how we create a wedding film full of romance. Creating romantic wedding videos that encapsulate the essence of your unforgettable day, immortalizing the love and emotions that overflowed during your special moments. They offer a timeless journey back to the joyous occasion, serving as a reminder of the love […]

A man in a light green suit walking towards the ocean with a woman in a white dress. To the left the man has a dog on a leash walking beside him. The dog is brown. In the woman's right hand she holds a bouquet to her side
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Especially If They Have Never Officiated Before. Here are the top three tips that all wedding professionals agree on As a filmmaker in the wedding industry, I have been to a few weddings. (Maybe closer to hundreds, but I digress.) I’ve noticed a trend within the last few years of couples asking their closest friend […]

Couple kissing with a hill with tall grass and tree scattered in the background. The bride's left hand is touching the groom's right cheek. You can see the bride's wedding band and engagement ring. Groom is in a tan suit.
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Eisenhower House LGBTQ+ Styled Shoot It was a bright and beautiful March day when I headed to the Eisenhower House in Newport, Rhode Island for this amazing LGBTQ+ styled shoot! I had to be up quite early but the whole day was perfect. Because it was off-season for weddings, I was getting the itch to […]

Eisenhower House Wedding Newport Rhode Island Videographer
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It’s Almost Here: Your Wedding Day! Just one week to go! Here’s your wedding checklist cheat sheet. Can you believe it? Your wedding day is right around the corner! The excitement must be bubbling up as all your hard work is about to pay off. But hey, with just a week left, let’s make sure […]

Blonde woman facing a large wedding looking over her left shoulder. Her mother is behind her finishing buttoning the back of the brides lace dress.
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You’ve heard all the questions.  “Is a wedding film worth it?” “Should I spend the money on a filmmaker?” “ Did you regret not having a videographer on your wedding day?” More times than not I hear past brides and grooms on the forums say they regret not hiring a videographer. I’ve said it once […]

Couple standing in front of a lush garden. They are standing in a prom-like pose with the bride looking over her left shoulder at the groom. In her right hand you can see her boho inspired bouquet with dried pampus grass. The groom is in a white button-up with a blue-grey vest. He has a blue and white bowtie and pocket square.