Couple kissing each other while their wedding party standing on either side of them. Bridesmaids are wearing pink satin dresses and groomsmen are wearing black tuxedos. Bride is wearing a simple but elegant wedding dress. The train of her dress is spread out over the grass. Her white bouquet with long green stems are in her right hand hanging at her side

Love in the Details: Nicole and Ryan’s Journey Down the Aisle.

Grab a cozy spot because I’ve got a heartwarming tale to share with you.

Are you ready?

On May 26, 2023, at The Villa at Ridder Club in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, something truly magical happened—Nicole and Ryan said “I do” surrounded by their nearest and dearest. And let me tell you, their love story is full of all the sweet moments you could imagine.

So, how did it all begin? Picture this: In November 2018, a little app called Bumble, and a swipe changed everything. Nicole and Ryan hit it off right away, chatting for two weeks before finally meeting up for their first date. Dinner at The Cove, followed by some good old-fashioned fun at Dave & Buster’s—talk about a perfect first date! And by Christmas Eve, they were officially a couple.

Fast forward through vacations in Aruba, buying their first home in 2021, and adding Levi, their adorable pup, to the mix in August of the same year. These two are all about seizing the moment and making memories together. Whether it’s strolling through their neighborhood, binge-watching movies at home, or tackling errands side by side, Nicole and Ryan know how to make every moment count.

Bride and groom standing at the end of the aisle kissing. There are people standing clapping on either side of the aisle. Bride is in an elegant white dress with a long veil and her bouquet in her hand at her side. Groom is in a black tuxedo

Their favorite date night? A classic dinner and a movie, preferably at Fay’s, their go-to spot near home. And let’s not forget their drink orders: Ryan’s all about that diet Coke, while Nicole can’t resist a diet Dr. Pepper or a refreshing margarita.

Now, let’s talk dreams. These lovebirds have big plans, from sailing through Europe to soaking up the sun in Greece and exploring every nook and cranny of the USA. And when it comes to role models, their parents take the cake. Watching them navigate life’s ups and downs has taught Nicole and Ryan the true meaning of love and resilience.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Oakley and Levi, the furry members of their family who bring endless joy and laughter into their lives. They weren’t only a part of their video they were a part of their day with all the small details Nicole and Ryan curated for their day.

But what truly sets Nicole and Ryan’s love story apart is their unwavering commitment to each other. Through thick and thin, they’ve stood by each other’s side, emerging stronger and more in love than ever. Their wedding day, with its romantic, intimate vibe, is just the beginning of their next chapter—a chapter filled with laughter, love, and all the special moments that make life worth living.

So here’s to Nicole and Ryan, a couple who remind us all that love is all about the little details—the stolen glances, the inside jokes, and the shared dreams. May their journey together be as beautiful and unforgettable as the love they share. Cheers to forever!

Interested in seeing a glimpse of their day? Here you go!

The Wedding Pro Dream Team!

Venue: The Villa
Videographer: The Heartfelt Narrative
Photographer: Colton Simmons Photography
Florist: Albernaz Gardens
Signage Rentals: Something Borrowed Event Decor
Entertainment: Upbeat Entertainment
Officiant: Steven Martins
Hair: Glamour Me Bridal & Beauty
MUA: Makeup with Erica
Bridal Attire: Alexandra’s Boutique
Alterations: Anna’s Alterations
Groom Attire: Main Street Formals

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